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05UEE offers custom writing services for all types of academic projects. The company has more than 40 freelance academic writers with advanced degrees in all fields such as Business, Literature, Science, the Medical Sciences, and the Social Sciences.

UEE maintains access to most reliable scholarly research databases like EBSCO, Proquest, Lexis-Nexis Academic, Emerald and SAGE Publications to name but a few. These academic and professional databases maintain the most relevant and recent sources on all subjects. Copies of the sources used are an additional service that we provide as well.

Simply complete an order inquiry and we will respond in a timely manner with complete details on how to complete the order.

  • Copies of sources used are: $2.95 per source (in most instances you can find these yourself if you have access to a university library of databases AND have the time)
  • PowerPoint Presentations are charged at Graduate/Undergraduate per page prices at 2 slides = 1 page for the purposes of invoicing
  • Projects that require some sort of work in other applications such as figuring calculations in Excel, financial analysis and similar type of work that is not based on a typical page count (i.e. time rather than writing) is charged at $49.95 per hour.

Pricing Detail:

Undergraduate NON-RUSH:

$22.95 Per Page

Undergraduate RUSH:

$26.95 (due in 3-4 days)
$29.95 (due in 1-2 days)
$34.95 (due in 12-24 hours)

Graduate NON-RUSH:

$26.95 Per Page

Graduate RUSH:

$34.95 Per Page (due in 3-4 days)
$39.95 Per Page (due in 1-2 days)
$44.95 Per Page (due in 12-24 hours)