One reason that many people find our services so vital to their success is that the costs associated with obtaining a higher education and a university degree have far outpaced inflation and have become so expensive. For instance, one report indicates that the state system in Florida, which is one of the cheapest in the nation, averages $29,410 for a bachelors degree alone when integrating all costs. However, no matter what the actual costs are, obtaining a college degree is now one of the most significant purchases that an individual will make after purchasing a house. Furthermore, with the ongoing economic crisis many states are reducing education budgets while raising the costs of tuition at universities. For example, California just approved a tuition increase of more than 30% which is going to effectively keep many people from obtaining a college degree.

The point we are making is that because college and university educations have become so ridiculously expensive, students have to work part-time, full-time and sometimes two jobs just to pay for school and live while going to school. Additionally, students have to take so much out in student loans while they are attending college or university that they graduate with their degrees with so much debt that many end up right in bankruptcy court. Quite simply the system sucks and CLEARLY colleges and universities are more concerned with their bottom lines and the fat salaries of their administrators than they are the quality of the higher education they produce. Thus, services such as ours can make a student’s life easier while they work and manage such pressures as family, careers, and other important issues.

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