Many people the world over are now pursuing MBAs as means to either get competitive or to maintain their professional competitiveness. These degrees generally provide a modicum of the skills and knowledge necessary to compete in the global economy. This is still true despite the economic downturn over the past several years. Many professionals must still recognize that competitors for their jobs are now arising from markets that are quite geographically removed from their own with markets such as India becoming international capitals of outsourcing and offshoring. Additionally, with markets across Asia continuing to function as the manufacturing floor for the world, manufacturing and production jobs continue to be exported to these overseas markets. What this does for people in many developed markets such as the European Union and the United States is make it necessary for professionals to move higher up the innovation chain into services, knowledge industries, and start-ups in order to maintain their standards of living. MBAs and, by extension, MBA Coursework provides the valuable skill-sets and competencies necessary to accomplish this. Typically, MBA coursework includes deep work in areas such as the following:

SWOT Analysis

Case Studies

BCG Matrix

TOWS Matrix

Value Chain Analysis

Dupont System of Financial Analysis

PEST Analysis

Marketing Audit

among many, many others

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