Recently, a number of our clients have requested that we manage their online courses for them. These students are employed full-time and typically have a family to support or bills to pay or both making the time and focus required to manage an online course difficult to manage. Because of the growing need for these types of services, we designed an online course management service which transfers the pressure and stress from taking an online class from the student to the writer. For a pre-determined fee we assign a writer who is familiar with the course topic and has a degree in the subject area and that writer then logs into your online course platform such as Blackboard or similar and does the daily or weekly postings or substantive comments that are required by most online classes to show course participation. Additionally, the writer managing the course takes care of any other online tasks that are required such as online exams, group meetings, and related activities so that you can continue to work productively and spend time with your family. While the cost for written work is still charged at the assigned per page rate we do offer a 10% discount to all clients that sign up for the managed course service. For more information email, call or IM and let’s get you out the classroom and into your career.

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