Writing Help for EFL & ESL Students

EFL or ESL (English as a foreign language or English as a second language) requires a specific writing approach for essays, term papers, theses (this is the plural form of thesis) and dissertations. Firstly, non-native speakers of English often miss or misunderstand the nuances within English and English grammar which can be confusing for the initiated. China Doll Publishing has several experienced writers who have taught English internationally for several years and understand the difficulties that non-native speakers experience when entering English speaking college and university programs. We understand the various learning theories and techniques that non-native speakers of English are exposed to overseas and are able to incorporate these principles into the order taking process as well as the writing process:

*We have dedicated employees experienced with working with non-native speakers of English

*We have writers who can write in a clear and simple manner that matches with students whose first language is not English

*Writers understand how to match their writing style with that of the client’s writing style

*Our staff and support personnel are available around the clock–call, send an email, or IM and we will follow-up soon thereafter

EFL and ESL students who have to produce well-written and cogent essays, research papers, and dissertations are often at a disadvantage in the English speaking university system because professors often grade them more on grammar and diction than on content. This is a fundamental flaw in the Western education system because EFL and ESL students are expected to have native fluency relative to writing and this is extremely difficult unless one has been raised in the West.

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