Catholic Church & Priest Sex Abuse

The Catholic Church has been mired in a sex abuse scandal for years. Until recently, the largest perhaps was the wave of priest abuses of altar boys across the US for years that went unnoticed by the public but was brushed under the carpet by the Church hierarchy. In the US the Catholic Church’s leadership simply moved abusive priests around from one market to another never warning new dioceses of the danger their children faced. This is a travesty. Presently, the sex scandal within the Church has now enveloped Ireland and Europe where the same series of events has been found to have occurred. In fact, even the Pope is now subject to claims that he personally assisted in ignoring, hiding, and covering up these abuses. My types of college and university courses are now utilizing these events within the Catholic Church for material in their classes. Courses on religion and theology, philosophy as well as crisis management are using the Catholic Church’s sex scandal to assign essays, term papers, thesis projects and dissertations and it is producing a mass wave of new research on the subject. We have writers available who have developed a deep knowledge of the Catholic Church sex scandal ready to assist you.

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