Foreclosures & Mortgage Fraud Essays

Mortgage fraud, foreclosures and home lending have been extremely popular topics for essays, thesis topics and dissertations over the past several years. For example, the FBI has noted that there has been more than $1.5 billion in financial losses due to mortgage fraud during 2009 with this year likely to equal or surpass 2009. Many academic programs in finance, accounting and criminal justice find mortgage fraud and home lending issues, such as consumer credit counseling, to be quite useful topics to study and to assign for research papers. This is because consumer credit counseling that purports to guide consumers through improving their credit, easing consumer debt such as credit card debt and in negotiating better mortgage repayment terms, have been yet another source of financially oriented criminal activity because many of the firms in this industry are themselves fraudulent. Finally, finance, accounting and criminal justice programs as well as economics classes like to monitor the foreclosure crisis in the United States because it is a key metric in determining the fundamental health of the national economy but is also indicative of how long the economy will continue to suffer. In fact, recent data indicates that in April of this year, the number of homes that were actually taken over by banks rose by 35% over the previous year which itself had increased substantially. Nationally, the estimates indicate that almost 1 million homes are involved in some stage of delinquency or foreclosure and this number is rising. Producing academic research and essays on these topics is a useful way to train and educate future economists, financial advisors and criminal investigators alike.

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