The amount of and variety of technology available today is incredible. Certainly the iPod, iPhone, and now the iPad have changed the way college students and university students communicate and work in order to be successful in school. Of course everyone is aware of Apple’s applications or “apps” as they have come to be referred to but not everyone is aware that there are a few apps that are great tools for college and university students. We have identified the 10 best apps for college and university students available from the iTunes store below:

1) Numbers—this app costs $9.99 and it is a spreadsheet program useful because its data is compatible with Numbers for the Mac, Microsoft’s Excel and even converts into PDF format for Adobe’s products

2) Pages—this app costs $9.99 and it is a word processing program that contains templates, tools, and a host of touch commands. Pages is simple to utilize for students and is compatible with Pages for the Mac, Microsoft Word as well as PDF reliant programs

3) Things for iPad—this app is expensive at $19.99 and it is a great time management program that allows improved scheduling with a nice user interface and is designed for the iPad’s larger screen

4) Articles for iPad—this app is $0.99 which makes it a nice and easy addition to a college student’s set of software tools. This app has a nice interface and provides direct access to Wikipedia which may not be accepted by college professors as a credible source but which is largely viewed by all others as a constantly accessible easy and reliable quick reference database

5)—this is a free and includes access to the site’s database of more than 1,000,000 unique words and also includes access to the site’s thesaurus functionality as well

6) IM+–this app is $9.99 and is an effective way to gather all your IM channels into a single app. This app integrates Twitter, Skype Chat, Google Talk, Facebook, Yahoo, MSN/Live, AIM/iChat, ICQ as well as several others

7) Scrabble for iPad—this app is $9.99 and provides a nice, useful game to break up the monotony of your classes or unforeseen downtime and, even better, it also integrates with Facebook to enable game sharing as well as wireless interactivity with other iPad or iPod users

8) Instapaper Pro—this app is $4.99 is essentially collects articles and web pages that you like while you have wifi access for later viewing and reading when wifi may not be available

9) Netflix—this app is free but requires that you already have an online Netflix account. This app allows you to view all your Netflix movies from the iPad or iPhone/iPod and we all know that Netflix now has a host of movies available for immediate viewing with a simple membership plan

10) The Elements: A Visual Exploration—this app is $13.99 and if you are a science major or interested in science then it is a must have. This app provides background information and graphics on each element listed in the periodic table of the elements

These top ten iPad apps for students in school can make your life a lot easier and if you need help with school like writing a term paper then place us on your favorites in your web browser. Sorry, we don’t have an app for that but for custom writing services you won’t find a service any better or responsive than ours and we can free up your time for the other important aspects of your college or university life.

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