Tony Hayward, the CEO of BP, is a whiny little bitch. Certainly I’d like to be more sophisticated than that but there’s just no other way to explain it. Tony’s company is responsible for what is likely going to turn out to be the worst oil spill in history and all he can do publicly is infer what an inconvenience the entire ordeal has been on his life. Certainly his life seems to be more important to him than the 11 people that were killed on the BP Deepwater Horizon oil rig that blew up because BP’s engineers were cutting safety corners in the interest of profit, ROI and scheduling. But his life of luxury is definitely more important to him than the countless millions of people along the gulf coast in the US whose lives are almost certainly wrecked. So I encourage the boycott BP campaigns but I do so because I too want Tony to get his life back. This BP oil spill is a national catastrophe of global proportions and the idiots still can’t seem to come up with a clear solution or strategy to address the problem. Currently, there are solutions being thrown around outside of BP to lower high explosives to collapse the wellhead and even a nuclear device which would, because of the extremely high heat it generates, seal the wellhead completely. Feasible or not this is the type of creative solution that this type of singular problem requires. Rather than persisting in following protocols for sealing wellheads on the surface, BP and the government must begin to examine innovative, creative and singular strategies that have not been tried previously because these are the types of solutions that will solve this type of unfamiliar problem. Furthermore, BP continues to attempt to downplay and minimize the breadth and scale of the catastrophe and won’t even admit to the existence of the underwater oil plumes which three independent scientific teams have verified—instead Tony personally and BP officially continue to argue that these do not exist. Right, Tony says, “trust us.” Okay, Tony, the American public trusts what you say because you have our interests at heart because we all know you want your life back. BP and the government absolutely cannot let that wellhead leak until August when the relief well will be completed. Do something-anything but start by coming up with original solutions for what amounts to a never before seen problem so that whiney little bitch can get his life back!

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