Essays and term papers on sexual harassment in the workplace are often assigned during business related courses as a means to instruct students in areas such as human resources management or HRM, workplace policies and personnel management, among others. Sexual harassment in the workplace is a serious issue and has cost numerous executives and run of the mill employees their positions over the years. Additionally, sexual harassment has also cost many promising employees (mostly women but also some men) their opportunity to advance within a company and to put their talents and capabilities on display. The most recent example of the negative repercussions of sexual harassment in the workplace is a bombshell indeed. Mark Hurd, the savior of HP after Carleton Fiorina was fired as CEO of HP several years ago recently announced that he was resigning as CEO of HP. This just goes to show how irresponsible even the highest level executive can be and Hurd has now ruined a reputation and all the industry respect that he had garnered after stepping into HP’s leadership position and restoring that company’s core values which centered on its engineering, operations and technical innovation. Clearly, business schools and business education needs to do a better job of educating young professionals on just how destructive sexual harassment can be to an organization.

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