Over the past two decades most college and universities have begun to require basic college algebra in all of their degree programs regardless of whether mathematics is particularly relevant to the major. Previously, college algebra was only required for programs that were science, mathematics or professionally oriented. Thus, students majoring in such areas as English, Psychology, Sociology or similar were not required to take college algebra or any math course necessarily. This ongoing requirement for basic college algebra has been a curse for many students majoring in areas outside of the sciences where college math just is not a vital part of their studies. These are normally classes and courses such as Algebra 105, Math 105, or Math 1005, Math 1130 or Algebra 1005 or something like that. At any rate, for many years we have been helping all students from every major with their college essays and research papers but now we have begun to offer help with College Algebra which most other companies in our industry do not touch. This is just the help you need to get through that requirement for your degree so that you can move on to the real coursework in your major.

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