MBA Topics: Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) and Small Businesses

Initial Public Offerings or IPOs are the often viewed as the ultimate indication that a small business has become successful. IPOs can be an important method for small businesses to make the transition to a large, growth oriented firm. This is because by going public and accepting outside investors, small businesses gain access to enormous sums of capital that is then re-invested into the firm. This capital can then be directed at exploring new markets, developing new products or services or at improving core infrastructure and developing human and intellectual capital. Recently, IPOs have begun to recover as a financing medium for small and large businesses alike after several years of difficult IPO markets. So, if the intent of a small business owner is to gain access to enough capital to fund growth and expansion then now is a good time to examine the public option. However, as any MBA student recognizes in undertaking IPO research and funding, going public also entails public scrutiny as well as a higher level of reporting and SEC oversight.

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