The importance of good study habits is well known. A recent article in the NYT just noted that many preconceptions about study habits are changing with the continued development of technology and how people are interacting with their environment. At a basic level, the article points out that one should change their study locations from time to time in order to break up the monotony of studying. Previously, many experts also liked to point out that people have different “learning styles” and that these learning styles predict and influence the way a particular individual learns. Newer research is now revealing this concept to be completely off the mark. That is, learning styles such as “visual learners” or being “left brained” or “right brained” are now being shown to be fairly inaccurate. Of course everyone does prefer learning in certain ways but this is just a preferential thing rather than something hard-wired into a person’s neurological system. Everyone has the capacity to learn visually or to learn textually or similar. In fact, this same research now shows us that people should actually practice learning through all methods as a means to stimulate their learning process overall and to reinforce their learning. This shift in how researchers are now viewing the learning process is probably due to the prevalence of technology such as iPods, iPads and iPhones as well as the Internet and the web in which everyone is now exposed to more visually oriented material. Essentially, these technologies are changing not only learning styles but also studying styles as well.

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