Apple’s iPad for Online Education

The Apple iPad is seen as being an extremely effective platform to integrate with online education technology platforms and Apple eve offers student pricing. The iPad itself is a lightweight, easily transportable and mobile computing platform with integrated 3G and Wi-Fi. This feature alone meshes well with the flexibility and 24 hour access to online educational platforms that online universities and colleges tout as a major advantage over more traditional educational options. Additionally, the iPad also doubles as an effective e-reader which means that electronic college textbooks and electronic university documents from online research databases can all be downloaded and viewed in a convenient and easy-on-the-eye format. Furthermore, the extensive apps (applications) that are available for both the iPad and the iPhone ensure that the iPad has the ability to extend its functionality far beyond a simple e-reader or learning platform. There are numerous educational apps available that ensures students or online learners are able to research, learn and increase their comprehension of the learning material in their courses such as dictionary apps, language apps, grammar apps, as well as mathematical apps with formulas and much, much more. The Apple iPad allows online learners to access all of their learning material anywhere, anytime and in a comfortable easy to read format. All the while being able to listen to music, stay connected on their social networking sites such as Facebook and Flipboard and a host of other rapidly developing solutions and applications.

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