iPhone 5 Apps & University Students

The iPhone and now with the iPhone 5 release, is a ubiquitous device on most college and university campuses. While many might casually assume that college and university students are using their iPhones just for texting, talking and social networking, a quick analysis indicates that college and university students are able to utilize their iPhones in new and unique ways because of the host of iPhone apps that are available and useful to the college student. Below is a list of some of the more popular and effective student oriented iPhone apps:

1) BigWords: this app provides college students the ability to comparison shop college

and university textbooks

2) CliffsNotes: this is a popular application that builds on the utility of the well-known study guides that students have been using for years

3) History: Maps of the World: this really neat application allows users to download and view maps of the world as they would have appeared in different historical eras

4) Pandora Radio: of course college students must have time to relax and increasingly they can accomplish this by listening to their favorite music genres on web-based radio streams through their iPhones

5) Mathematical Formulas: this app preserves the most common algebraic, trigonometry and related mathematical formulas for easy reference

In addition to these popular and useful apps there are a host of others. College and university students can considerably ease their academic and scholarly burdens by making full use of their iPhones in addition to enjoying the everyday utility that the iPhone provides.

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