Apps on Smartphones for Higher Education

Attending a college or university can be very difficult for new and traditional students. However, the college student that is studying at an undergraduate or perhaps the graduate level quickly recognizes that taking advantage of the academic benefits that certain types of technologies are able to impart to the student make college and university courses much more agreeable. Consequently, smartphones are perhaps the single most prevalent form of technology on college and university campuses today. Hence, smartphone applications or apps ensure that college and university students have an edge over other students in their courses or who are competing for scarce resources. Some of the best of these smartphone apps are those like the Venmo app which makes the college student’s lifestyle much more manageable since it allows students to pay each other back in a seamless fashion after borrowing money or needing help to make tuition payments or similar. Another logistical type of application that enables the student scholar to excel is the Snap2PDF app which allows camera shots to be immediately converted into PDFs that can then be transferred to other students as study material and so forth.  A scholarly application that focuses on academic work is one like the duolingo app which assists students in studying a foreign language which most colleges and universities now require.  These applications work on the iPhone platform of course but versions of them are also available for Google’s Android operating system as well which is far more popular in terms of market share.

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