College Writing

Carnegie Mellon University recently posted some information on its website in the university’s education department arguing that new university students and even many experienced ones have poor composition and writing skills. The main point of this post seems to be that in addition to mechanical problems with writing such as with grammar, spelling and sentence structure, many of these university students also lack fundamental reasoning and organizational skills as well. This shortfall is complicated by the fact that all of these writing and comprehension issues combined interfere with the college student’s metacognitive skills as well which essentially interferes with their ability to learn in courses that have nothing to do with reading, writing or composition. However, the fact is that many university students simply do not have time to develop these types of skills but rather have to or should focus purely on the subject of their majors. This is why major universities such as Boston University offer a host of writing and composition services designed to assist all levels of university students in completing their writing tasks. That is where we come in along with the skilled that we employ on a 1099 basis. These are skilled and practiced academic writers with graduate degrees in their fields who are able to write across a spectrum of disciplines and specialties. Furthermore, our writers are able to produce university writing projects from a simple 2 page essay to a full-blown dissertation and everything in between. Obviously these services are not free but this is an investment in your future and we encourage all university students to do what our government and even university leaders have been telling us for years which is that outsourcing is more efficient, effective and competitive. If outsourcing is the preferred means for remaining competitive in the global economy for our nation’s business professionals and firms then it should be part of the service solution available to university students as well.

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