Chinese Students & US Universities

Chinese students have long admired US universities. Studying at US colleges and universities has been a desire for many Chinese students for years and years. Of course, doing so became somewhat more problematic following 9/11 but in the decade and more since 9/11 the doors have been opened for Chinese international students once again. The Atlantic recently published an article that stated that during the 2013 and 2014 school year, some 274 thousand Chinese students were enrolled in US higher education institutions.

Sample Papers & Model Essays

University Essay Experts was in this business before the web became the tour de force that it is today. The internet and the world wide web allowed this industry to explode and students realized that they could purchase sample papers and model essays that they could use to guide them in their own academic development

Federal Financial Aid

Federal financial aid awarding and distribution has been an ongoing problem in the US. Both local and international students utilize financial aid in order to supplement their tuition and fees which can be extremely high. However, many colleges and universities and especially large for-profit colleges and universities view federal financial aid as a revenue stream rather than as a means to improve the lives of students

Apps on Smartphones for Higher Education

Attending a college or university can be very difficult for new and traditional students. However, the college student that is studying at an undergraduate or perhaps the graduate level quickly recognizes that taking advantage of the academic benefits that certain types of technologies are able to impart to the student make college and university courses much more agreeable.