Ranking the Best Online Universities

Millions of students are now pursuing their higher education degrees and certifications through online colleges and universities. Traditionally, these were once viewed somewhat negatively since many […]

College Writing

Carnegie Mellon University recently posted some information on its website in the university’s education department arguing that new university students and even many experienced ones have […]

Writing College Admissions Essays & Personal Statements

Many students look forward to the leaving high school and attending college. Or, alternatively, they anticipate graduating from university and going to graduate school. In either […]

Chinese Students & US Universities

Chinese students have long admired US universities. Studying at US colleges and universities has been a desire for many Chinese students for years and years. Of course, doing so became somewhat more problematic following 9/11 but in the decade and more since 9/11 the doors have been opened for Chinese international students once again. The Atlantic recently published an article that stated that during the 2013 and 2014 school year, some 274 thousand Chinese students were enrolled in US higher education institutions.