Yet Another Perverted Professor

Ok folks, here is yet another example of a perverted college professor. Apparently Dr. Grant Smith could not keep his perverted inclinations to himself and within the confines of his own home so he brought them with him on his laptop and was caught viewing child pornography on a 1st class seat on his way to Boston from Salt Lake Cit

Study Abroad in the US

The quest for education has now become a global enterprise and, for many years, the quest for education meant coming to America. In many ways this dream still exists with many students coming to America to study.

US Education System & Quality

The state of general education within the US has long been a subject much in dispute. Critics have argued that the nation’s primary and secondary public education systems have lost sight of educating children in the core disciplines of science, mathematics and reading.

Students & Businesses

Getting a small business loan right now is extremely difficult. Making this fact much more depressing is that so many people right now view starting a small business as their only way to survive due to job loss, pay cuts, or the closing of their previous business.