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thesisUEE’s freelance writers all hold at least a Master’s Degree in their fields or specialties while many have earned Doctorates in their professions. The process of identifying, developing, implementing and completing a thesis or dissertation can be extremely daunting to most people. There are choices to be made regarding methodological paradigm, the research method and how to format the structure of the thesis or dissertation. All of these and related issues must be address in advance of actually undertaking the thesis or dissertation project. Furthermore, proposals or literature reviews often have to be completed in advance as well making the achievement of completing a thesis or dissertation even more difficult and time-consuming.

That is where UEE and its experienced staff of freelance thesis and dissertation writers comes in. UEE is able to undertake all areas of the thesis or dissertation development and composition. This includes research methodology, design and data collection. UEE is also able to research and write literature review, findings and conclusions sections as well.

While the actual format of the thesis or dissertation may vary from university to university and from program to program, the typical format includes the following sections:

Chapter I: Introduction and Overview
Chapter II: Literature Review
Chapter III: Research Methodology
Chapter IV: Presentation of Findings (Analysis and Discussion)
Chapter V: Conclusions and Recommendations

The Standard Format for all Graduate Level Projects is:

12pt. New Courier Font
1″ Margins
Double Spaced

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